“Wellbeing at Work” is a deliberate play on words. On the one hand, it refers to maintaining and improving wellbeing in the workplace (organisational wellbeing), and on the other it refers to how we can proactively create greater wellbeing for ourselves, and see the effects of this ‘at work’ in all aspects of our lives (personal wellbeing).

Stop, and reflect for a moment about how your work/life experience might look and feel, if you were able to do the following:

  • Create and maintain a sense of vitality on a daily basis, both at work and at home.
  • Enjoy activities which are meaningful and engaging, and which make you feel competent and autonomous.
  • Draw upon a stock of inner resources to help you cope and bounce back when things go wrong, and be resilient to changes beyond your immediate control.

Believe it or not, it is possible for each and every one of us to achieve these goals, and much, much more. As the Chinese Proverb says – “ A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”, and here at Wellbeing at Work we take great pride in being able to help individuals, teams and organisations in taking that “first step”.

Through our webinars, training programmes, coaching and talks, we invite you to explore and experience some of the latest thinking, and scientific research into key areas of wellbeing, such as Energy Management, Resilience, the Mind-Body connection, Stress Management and Mindfulness, to name but a few.

If you would like to find out more about how to experience Wellbeing at Work, please get in touch.

What Is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing means many things to many people, and while academic debate continues about precisely how ‘wellbeing’ should be defined, here at W@W, we like to think of wellbeing as a constantly changing dynamic process that governs both our internal and external worlds. This dynamic process is orchestrated through the interaction between four distinctive, yet completely interrelated,  “aspects of self”  – or wellbeing domains – which go to make up you, the whole you.

These 4 wellbeing domains are:


The physical  – explores what we do with, and to our bodies, and how our bodies are in constant communication with – and affected by – our minds and our environment.

We help you to create positive habits around:

Nutrition, exercise, sleep; establishing practical ways to nurture and restore our physical energy and resilience.


The mental  – explores how we can observe and work with our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, compulsions and imagination. We look at the emerging field of Neuroscience, and how it is possible to rewire our brains, change our habitual thinking and self-talk, and manage our cognitive processes in a way which works for us, not against us.

We help you to create positive habits around:

Managing our relationship with unhelpful thoughts; reducing mental chatter and stress; and how to work with the unconscious mind in order to bring about more effective and positive outcomes in our lives.


The emotional  – explores our relationships with emotions, both as feelings and as physical sensations, and how this dual experience reinforces the Mind Body connection.

We help you to create positive habits around:

Emotional Intelligence (EI), positivity, learned optimism, and emotional resilience.


The spiritual  – a secular, non-religious exploration of the importance of such things as gratitude and appreciation, values, and our sense of purpose in life.

We help you to create positive habits around:

Connection to others, the world and ourselves; aesthetic and peak experiences; reflection and creativity; higher purpose; and what we can do to create rich, full and meaningful lives.

The Toolbox

Six essential tools to help you achieve greater wellbeing!

What We Offer

  • Webinars

    From blue-chip companies and HR consortia, to self-help and interested individuals, we create bespoke webinars to engage every audience on a wide range of topics relating to wellbeing, including mindfulness, the mind-body connection, stress, relaxation and resilience.

  • Training Programmes

    Training and workshops covering all aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Programmes are designed and tailor-made to your specific needs, and can range in length from half a day to four days, depending on your requirements.

  • Online Coaching

    Using a variety of communication platforms, both individual and group coaching can be arranged covering a variety of subjects, including mindfulness, stress management, and resilience.

  • Public Speaking

    Engaging and inspirational presentations and talks, covering all of our areas of expertise and knowledge, can be provided upon request for conferences, events and after-dinner engagements.

“You can always tell whether a person can work with a company on a question as profound as wellbeing by how they act themselves. Those that truly understand wellbeing act it in their everyday life and habits. Mark is such a person. He is insightful, compassionate and thoughtful and he brings these inner qualities into his practice with people and with companies.”

Meet The Team

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter

Consultant & Facilitator

Liz is a change leader and skilled enabler, whose track record crosses different cultures, sectors and organisations. She is able to nurture and enable others to self-direct to achieve the strongest results for themselves and their organisation. She has achieved demonstrable impact in the fields of leadserhip development, personal wellbeing and transformation, and a values based approach to large scale culture change. An outstanding communicator with high energy levels she is able to motivate at the most senior level.

Recent achievements include developing and testing methodologies applying powerful models and learning from Social Movements thinking and community organising into healthcare settings and healthcare improvement efforts. She is currently faculty member for the NHS School for Health and Care Radicals, working as part of the design and delivery team and leading the coaching and mentoring strategy.

Liz has experience in leading academic and practical Masters accredited leadership development initiatives, designing and delivering programme content and leading cohorts through their developmental journey. She uses storytelling and coaches in public narrative at the most strategic levels to ensure leaders are able to inspire, mobilise and bring about large scale change.

An International speaker, engagements include a one week residence (2012) at Kennedy School of Executive Development. During this time she led a seminar at Harvard School of Public Health Women in Leadership Programme and showcased the NHS work on Call to Action to an invited, senior and international audience at Harvard School of Public Health.

Mark Edgerton

Mark Edgerton


Mark is dynamic, engaging and emotionally intelligent facilitator and coach. He is a highly qualified complementary therapist, and therapies teacher, with a track record in Mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience, energy management and personal development. Mark works with individuals and organisations to maximise potential for personal and business productivity.

In 2008, Mark completed a clinical training at Harvard University, in the groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting subject of Mind Body Medicine. Mind Body Medicine explores and examines the two-way connection between our physical bodies and the functioning of the mind – how we think and feel affects our physiology, and what we do to, and with our bodies, affects the way we think and feel. If we know this, then we can start to work intelligently and mindfully with this connection, and begin to design for ourselves lives where stress can be managed successfully, and where we feel calm and think clearly.

One of Mark’s core values is “helping people to help themselves”. In his work, Mark draws upon years of study and experience, and has a gift for distilling the essence of complex science and research, and delivering this information in a way that is both compelling and relevant for his clients. He believes that each and every one of us can be – and must be – responsible for our own wellbeing, and he enjoys working with clients to identify, develop and embed positive behaviours and habits, and helping them to enhance their physical and psychological wellbeing and resilience.

Meryem Hassan

Meryem Hassan

Consultant & Facilitator

Meryem is a qualified psychologist, counsellor and coach, with over twenty years of experience working in mental health and wellbeing services, and is an expert in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology.

She is skilled in organisational and leadership development, team management, programme design and project management, and has invaluable experience working with diverse and complex groups. Bringing warmth, integrity and charisma to her work, Meryem provides teams and individuals with tools, guidance and support, enabling them to tap into their potential, and to implement positive and lasting changes around crucial areas such as wellbeing, resilience and work-life balance.

Meryem marries expertise, insight and intuition in her work, putting “the person” at centre of everything she does. She believes that each of us is our very own “wellbeing expert”, and that we can all successfully learn to develop the skills, resources, habits and behaviours needed in order to flourish and thrive.

Personable and engaging, Meryem aims to bring out the best in the people she works with, and she is recognised for designing and delivering meaningful and memorable wellbeing programmes. Drawing upon a wealth of sound academic theory and scientific research, Meryem is able to share her knowledge and experience, and she infuses her work with a winning combination of enthusiasm, sensitivity and awareness.

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